Just a few words about who we are.

Being on hold is a necessary evil to get support for many organizations and industries. We've collectively spent hundreds of hours over the last 12 years trying to find hold music for various phone systems that we've created and that we support for our customers. It's not easy. So we set out to solve our own problem and created holdmusic·io in the process.

We believe there are two fundamental ways to address the inconvenience for callers: eliminate hold time and make it pleasant while on hold, especially when there is no other option. Our development roadmap consists of measurable ways to do both and we're excited to try and make a difference for our callers and yours.

Who exactly are we?

We are NotifiUs, LLC, a custom communications software company creating unique phone systems and integrations for clients across the United States. More specifically, my name is Patrick Labbett and I have been working with phone systems ever since I came across Asterisk more than 12 years ago. I'm an avid supporter of software defined communications with years of experience implementing IP Telephony and traditional phone systems.